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Decadent Chocolate Liqueur Recipe: Delight in Every Sip

The chocolate liqueur recipe uses simple ingredients, making it a breeze to prepare. Let's walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting this indulgent treat.

by BioGrow

Today we present you the recipe for chocolate liqueur. Warming up with a sweet alcoholic glass on cold days is ideal, perhaps in front of the fireplace, relaxed and comfortably seated. Who among us can say no to that intense and velvety wave that chocolate leaves on the palate? A truly irresistible and dense pleasure.
If just the thought of its consistency makes your mouth water, then this recipe is perfect for you. It’s a truly indulgent preparation made with simple ingredients. So, it’s ideal for treating yourself or accompanying our moments of conviviality, taking advantage of the benefits that cocoa offers to our body.

Let’s dive into the ingredients required and step-by-step instructions for this chocolate liqueur recipe. Of course, as always, we illustrate each phase with a detailed photo gallery.

Ingredients for the Chocolate Liqueur Recipe

Ingredients for the chocolate liqueur recipe


Here are the ingredients and measurements for this chocolate liqueur recipe:

How to Prepare Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate liqueur
The process for the chocolate liqueur recipe is actually very simple. In a large cooking pot, the following ingredients should be poured in this order:
First, add the 2 kg of cane sugar, then the unsweetened cocoa powder, three sachets of vanillin, and the two liters of whole milk.

Now, turn on the heat under the pot with a very low flame. Start stirring slowly and meticulously with a wooden spoon.
This phase is the most delicate part of the entire preparation. To faithfully follow the chocolate liqueur recipe, continuous stirring is necessary to prevent lumps from forming.

Consistency Variation

At the beginning of the process, you can see how the cocoa still needs to blend in.
After about 5-7 minutes, the ingredients begin to dissolve. After another 15 minutes, you can see how everything is already well blended.

Eliminating the Last Lumps

Continue stirring slowly to dissolve the last remaining cocoa lumps. Keep stirring until the mixture reaches boiling point. At this point, immediately turn off the heat.
The process takes about 40-45 minutes, and the final consistency is absolutely creamy. Once you turn off the heat, let it rest and cool completely. When the base of our chocolate liqueur is cooled (you can simply test it by dipping a finger), you can add the ½ liter of food-grade alcohol.
At this stage, for those who like it, you can add a touch of orange flavoring for a delightful twist.
Now, you need to stir a bit more to mix the alcohol thoroughly. Once done, you can proceed to transfer the chocolate liqueur into bottles.

Even after the addition of alcohol, the liqueur’s consistency is creamy, and you’ll be tempted to taste it right away.
We recommend resisting the urge and letting it rest for a week before consuming it. This way, the alcohol scent will dissipate.
The ideal way to enjoy it is chilled, not frozen, but it also tastes great at room temperature.

Final Evaluation of the Chocolate Liqueur

With our measurements (½ liter of alcohol, 2 kg of sugar, 450 g of unsweetened cocoa, 2 liters of milk), we obtained over 3.5 liters of chocolate liqueur. All of this comes at a cost of approximately 20 euros (the price of the ingredients). An excellent result!
The alcohol content of this liqueur is quite low, around 20°. Throughout this long season, we’ve prepared various liqueurs, from fennel liqueur to pomegranate liqueur, from laurel liqueur to liquorice liqueur, and limoncello.
To present them in the best way or to make a delightful gift for your friends, you can use special bottles, like the ones you can find at this link.
As always, we thank our friend Sara for the recipe. We wish you all the best of fun with these organic cultivation liqueurs!

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