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Mint Liqueur Recipe: Authentic method for crafting delicious homemade mint-infused drink

Crafting Homemade Mint Liqueur: Utilizing home-grown peppermint leaves to concoct a delightful and flavorful beverage, capturing the essence of our garden.

by BioGrow

The recipe for mint liqueur is really simple and accessible to everyone. It’s one of the best ways to make use of the leaves from the peppermint plant we’ve cultivated. Thanks to this simple recipe, we’ll obtain a refreshing and aromatic liqueur, perfect for consumption on hot summer evenings. Before describing the recipe, here’s a recommendation that might seem obvious but is fundamental for us at organic cultivation: it’s absolutely necessary to use mint leaves from organic sources to make this liqueur, meaning leaves from plants that have been grown without the use of any pesticides.

For commercial production of liqueurs, please refer to the current legislation.

Ingredients for the mint liqueur recipe

To make the mint liqueur recipe, the ingredients are quite simple:

  • One hundred peppermint leaves (about 20 g)
  • 750 ml of 96% alcohol for culinary use
  • 750 g of cane sugar
  • 1.2 liters of water

The first phase of preparation

peppermint liqueur

The mint liqueur recipe naturally starts with the mint plant. To prepare the liqueur, about 20 g of leaves are needed, obtained by pruning the plant. Using sharp gardening scissors, cut the top shoots, making sure to remove small stems and damaged leaves.
This type of operation is beneficial for the plant, as it prevents flowering and revitalizes it. This allows it to produce new shoots. After selecting the leaves, wash them under running water and thoroughly dry them.
It’s important that the leaves are well-dried and free from water residues, as these could affect the success of the liqueur.
mint liqueur

Once done, place the leaves in a glass container and add the alcohol. The container should be tightly sealed. We used plastic wrap, but it’s more convenient to use containers with a closure like this. The alcohol and mint leaves solution should infuse for 10 days in a dark place, protected from heat sources. Every two days, gently shake the alcohol with the mint leaves. This allows the small leaves to release all their aroma. Some also add the zest of half an organic lemon during this phase.

The second phas

The second part of the mint liqueur recipe begins after the 10-day infusion of mint in alcohol. As the first step, prepare and add to the infusion a syrup made with water and cane sugar. This step is crucial and is used for many homemade liqueurs, as we’ve seen before in other liqueurs we’ve prepared for you. It’s the same technique we’ve seen with fennel, pomegranate liqueur, licorice liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and nocino.
It’s very important to dissolve the sugar well in the water. To do this, be cautious not to bring the syrup to a boil, as it might start to solidify. It should be dissolved over very low heat. When the syrup returns to a clear color, allow it to cool completely. Meanwhile, we can filter the alcohol using a fine mesh metal strainer (one suitable for this purpose can be found here). This will separate the base of our liqueur from the mint leaves. At this point, return to the cooled water and sugar syrup, ensuring it’s cooled properly. Then add the filtered alcohol.
Gently stir to obtain a homogeneous liqueur. Finally, bottle it. The bottles of mint liqueur should rest for another week. This helps to eliminate the alcohol scent and results in a perfectly enjoyable liqueur. It’s best served chilled after a brief stint in the freezer. Mint liqueur also makes a fantastic gift idea that will surely be appreciated by our friends. You can find cute glass bottles to store it here.

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